Senior Portraits



Wildlife in Need

There is a great place in Charlestown, IN (just outside of Louisville) called Wildlife in Need. The owner takes in wild animals and has a deep love for these animals. Periodically he hosts sessions for people to get up close and personal with the animals. These are wild animals that you would need have thought you could play with, like tigers, lions and sloths. During these interactive sessions you get to learn about the animals, ask questions and play with them. They encourage you to interact with them and have handlers there to make sure everyone is safe. Afterwards, you are able to get individual pictures with the animals. Not only are you able to interact with them in these sessions, but they have some tigers and lions to view, similar to a zoo, but they are more available. We have been there 3 times and every session has been different. We love going up there to visit with them and see these beautiful animals.


For business, I used to travel for work to Las Vegas and some other cities as part of a committee for a North American insurance group I was a part of. Every year we went to Las Vegas for our annual committee meetings and then one year we were out in Arizona for our annual convention. I would take the opportunity to do a little sight seeing and visit some of the state parks and sights that were close by. I loved going out to Sedona, AZ, Death Valley and the Valley of Fire. Beautiful places, but my favorite was the Valley of Fire.


Valley of Fire

Hoover Dam

Death Valley

St George Island

We love going to St. George Island, Florida! It is a beautiful barrier island in the Forgotten Coast part of the state. Located right outside of Appalachicola and about 60 minutes southwest of Tallahassee. The state park at the east end of the island was once named the best beach in the country. There are very few hotels on the island and very little commercialism. Most of the stores are restaurants on the island are locally owned, except for Piggly Wiggly and Subway. We have been going down there close to 15 years and have stayed in rental homes all over the island. 

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